Americans Taste Test Japanese Snacks

The hunger bites at your stomach like a young puppy gnawing on his rawhide.

The world lives off snacks. That is why I decided to make a trip to the local convenience store to see what this part of the world offered during the coveted snack time!

Where do I begin? Food and candy covered the shelves, but I wanted the best of Japan. I whip out my handy-dandy translator app and write the following message…

“Please provide me with your favorite Japanese snacks and candy. Thank you kindly.”

Before I knew it, all the employees were buzzing around the store pulling their favorite leisure foods off the shelves. My empty basket filled to overflowing within minutes. It was as if I was a contestant on the old TV Show “Supermarket Sweep!” running the isles in search of the best products.

With a bag full of Japanese snacks and three new employee friends, I make my way out the door, headed home, completely clueless on what I have just purchased. I figured the best way to learn what to eat, is to try it firsthand… I might go down, but at least I went down swinging.

In order to show you these delectable delicacies, I constructed a quick video of me trying out each item in my bag. You know they say misery loves company, so I was able to drag my 7-foot teammate, Toddo (as he is affectionately referred to here), in to taste-test these mystery snacks with me.

Here goes nothin’…


2 thoughts on “Americans Taste Test Japanese Snacks

  1. Drew: be careful with your teeth! You really don’t want to break one while you’re in Japan! It was fun to hear your buddy’s Philadelphia accent. Ask him to pronounce “water ice” and see if it sounds like wooder ice. The you’ll know if he grew up in my old hometown. Stay well and happy…BrR


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