Czech Mate

Sorry for the drought.

When you sit in your room packing for the next 7 months of life in two suitcases, you realize how much stuff you have is unnecessary. This was me. Ready for the next adventure but not knowing where I was going to end up.

Soon the pieces fell into place, and my king was sliding to the other end of the board ready to call out “Czech mate.”

The flights were long and mundane. The napping was spotty at best, and the food was made to withstand a cataclysm.

Then it happened. Our wheels screeched to a stop in the Czech Republic. I had arrived, and it was time to hit the ground running.


The small silver half car / half station wagon was bulleting through the countryside like a ball shooting out of a cannon. I slide over and buckle my seatbelt, bracing for the ride. Vineyards of apples and other fruits turn into blurbs of color like a kaleidoscope. Breathtaking.

The colors of my apartment have me feeling like I moved inside a peach. The light orange walls and yellow accents look like a beautiful sunset… if your cross your eyes… shut them… and dream about beautiful sunsets.

I am living about 45 minutes (depending how you drive :?) outside of Prague in a small town named Usti Nad Labem.

My job is basketball.

My hobby is adventure.

And it’s your move to follow this crazy year with me by hitting the follow button below. Brace yourself: you never know what I’ll be up to next.

Czech mate.



6 thoughts on “Czech Mate

  1. Drew: I can really empathize with your comments about “stuff.” I just moved back to Louisiana after 20 years in Memphis. I’m shifting to anew email: It felt like going home, but I had this trip to Europe planned and I’ll be traveling from 10-20 until 11-17 (England, Barcelona and a transatlantic sailing from Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale. I spent three days in Prague in summer, 2014. It should be a little more familiar than Japan, but I know you will be well, do good work and keep in touch no matter where you go. You go, boy….it’s easier when you’re young. Best always, BrR

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    1. Wow, that sounds like you have a nice adventure planned. That sounds fun. Too bad you weren’t coming to Prague 2015… I would have met you there. I’ll keep in touch. Hope the transition moving home went well.


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