Okay, okay… I’m a Vlogger y’all! I’m trying something new.. so if you have a few minutes go watch my latest video about a normal day in the life of me. Sorry in advance, I promise I am not always this crazy… just when I have a camera and an off day!

Don’t worry, I have not abandoned the “Blog” for the “Vlog”! It is not possible to tell you all my stories through writing, so I have decided to switch off and do a Blog one week and a Vlog the next.. and so forth!

Good idea right? Yea, I thought so too!

This way some of my stories/adventures can actually come to life for you. Not to mention, I enjoy making videos on my off days! So buckle up and get ready for me to embarrass myself #VLOGDUDE.


If you liked this video, don’t for get to subscribe to my YouTube Channel (youtube.com/drewbarhamvlogs). Also, leave me a comment so I can respond.. HAHA! It is more fun to actually know someone out there is watching or reading! Love you guys.


3 thoughts on “#VLOGDUDE #2

  1. Drew…I always enjoy seeing that loopy grin of yours! I’m really impressed with your technical skills making these VLOGS (such a strange plural!). You tend to be a happy camper and I always feel more cheerful after being with you for a while. Be well, do good work, and…?

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