I was just a Sophomore in college, traveling to China with a group to play basketball, share Jesus, and see the world. 23F was my airline seat number. The man beside me, a rich doctor from Wisconsin with important medical papers to work on resting in his lap. Simple question, “Why are you going to China?” Two hours, a hundred question and answers later, the doctor sits back and says, “Son, you need to write a book.”

A book (as of right now) is a little out of my league, so why not try to start a blog. If you dare to read “Life Outside a Holster” you will be reading a raw take on the adventures, ideas, opinions, and dreams of Drew Barham.

Welcome, I’m Drew.

I don’t curse. I don’t drink alcohol. I just graduated college and live in the same crazy world you live in. If you haven’t left the blog by now I’m impressed.

My life is like a splinter in a block of wood. Still living in the piece of wood but going against the grain. I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. Jesus Christ is my Savior. Received a bachelors in Sports Management from the University of Memphis and a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University in 5 years. I played basketball two years at the University of Memphis, sat out one year, and played my final two years at Gonzaga University.  The game of basketball is my passion. I am 6’7″ and shoot from outside the walls of normality. That’s enough information for now, hold on tight because life comes at you fast when you have a shooter’s mentality and live “Life Outside a Holster.”



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