What? You play basketball abroad.

The preacher says Amen. The congregation mingles its way out the big wooden doors. I was already getting the Sunday afternoon stomach grumbles. I am waving here, saying hi to them over there, accepting quick hugs of congratulations. “So where exactly are you going?”   “Romania, the Transylvania region.”   “Romania?”   “Romania.”   “Isn’t … More What? You play basketball abroad.


2016 is time to do things differently… … More Be THERE.


The dragon roared ferociously, in my head. His breath boiled of hot lava. His dark, fiery eyes drooped as if he had just risen out of the pit. Quickly my eyes focus past the monster as I make my way up the hill toward the drawbridge entrance. The commotion buzzes around me like a whirlwind. … More Enchanted

Czech Mate

Sorry for the drought. When you sit in your room packing for the next 7 months of life in two suitcases, you realize how much stuff you have is unnecessary. This was me. Ready for the next adventure but not knowing where I was going to end up. Soon the pieces fell into place, and … More Czech Mate


Blackbird. Gratitude. Struggles. Life. Love. Experience. Adrenaline. Finding. What’s your silence?   My heart pounded. My palms were sweaty. This was the moment. This was where I found my drive to pursue what I loved. This is what propelled me to stay after, to outwork the man standing across from me, to burn ‘till it … More Blackbird


It has officially been 6 months in Japan. I was dropped off at the apartment after practice this afternoon, and my one pair of practice shorts seemed to have busted a few holes in them. I’d like to think it was a result of my hustle, diving for loose basketballs throughout practice everyday; but in … More Calamity

Pay It Forward

What if someone told you today that the way you live now will impact your future? That your decisions today will affect tomorrow? That the way you treat others today may be how you will be treated the rest of your life? Would you begin to live differently? Would you overlook moments in your life … More Pay It Forward

A Foreign Fade

The sign on the outside reads “Ponytail.” Inside sits a petite man on his computer surfing the latest hologram music videos of Michael Jackson. His wife exits through the back door of the shop into their home to put away fresh vegetables. Day by day, my hair continues to grow, and the hand-carved, wooden sign … More A Foreign Fade